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About Maintenance One Performance, Inc.

Our history and tradition

Maintenance One Performance, Inc. opened our doors in 1996 to serve a growing market of small to medium size businesses that needed professional Information Technology services. Our business helped others by installing network cabling used to connect computers to the Internet.

By 1998 our company grew to leasing desktop, laptop, and servers. Computer technology changes rapidly and while companies need to use technology to compete, there are many firms that do not want to purchase hardware because of the pace at which it becomes obsolete. Maintenance One Performance, Inc. found that we can help businesses control costs while providing them with the latest equipment through our leasing program.

In the turn of the century, year 2001, clients were calling asking for support with hardware and software. Maintenance One Performance, Inc. responded to the needs of our business clients with the introduction of the STAR help desk. STAR stands for Situation, Task, Action, Resolution. Today, STAR supports thousands of clients around the world.

In 2006, Maintenance One Performance, Inc. acquired Legend BioClean, Inc. The Legend family of companies provided janitorial services, building maintenance services, and carpet cleaning services. This acquisition allowed Maintenance One Performance, Inc. to help our business clients maintain server room cleanliness while also providing a sanitary office space for workers to come in the office and perform their duties without the distractions of a unhealthy space.

In 2009, Maintenance Once Performance, Inc. acquired Ashley-Data, a software company that offers desktop software as well as SaaS software. Today, Maintenance One Performance, Inc. provides clients with custom software and SaaS software helping them to perform at peak. Our software team does requirements gathering, development, testing, implementation, and training. We provide software as small as scripts to automate routine functions all the way up to large scale applications that run business operations.

In 2014, Maintenance One Performance, Inc. acquired Colohaven Networks, Inc. Colohaven Networks, Inc. provided customers with web site hosting and server colocation space. Today, Maintenance One Performance, Inc. hosts websites for small to medium size businesses without the need for our clients to understand how to manage a server. Clients have full control of the websites and content on their servers while all the technical side of the operations are managed by Maintenance One Performance, Inc. Our STAR Help Desk is vital in providing a 24-hour support line for users to reach out to when they have a question, when they need advice, and all the way up to migrating to a more powerful server as they grow.

Today in 2020 and beyond, Maintenance Once Performance, Inc. carries on our tradition of providing a complete solution for businesses of all sizes. We are a true one-stop provider. When you choose to do business with Maintenance One Performance, Inc. you are truly in good hands.

How We Help Our Clients

Today's Maintenance One Performance, Inc.

Maintenance One Performance, Inc. Sales

Information Technology is an asset to the business strategy. When you have the right technology at your disposal, your employees become highly productive. Your able to accomplish great things that expand the reach of your present day footprint. Maintenance One Performance, Inc. is a contract Information Technology company that partners with your business. We help you create future strategic plans that grow your profits. When you are thinking about hiring inside IT support personnel or finding a contract support team, you do not need to look any further than Maintenance One Performance, Inc. Our sales team will create a custom program that fits your present day needs while leaving an open path for all your future growth. Pick-up the phone now and let's talk about how we can serve you.

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