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Hotel Industry

Information Technology for the Hotel Industry

Hotels and Motels have a very specific need from Information Technology. Maintenance One provides solutions that improves the customer service that hospitality workers provide their guests. A well designed CRM or Customer Relationship Management system will guide your reservations operations, front desk staff, and all other service functions throughout your property on how to address your repeat clients, what amenities they desire, special services such as fresh florals for their room or small gifts such as a box of chocolates and Champagne. Your reservation system is another key component. You must be able to search for amenities that your guests expect. Your system must be able to solve puzzles. Which guest in which room at which times. All of your systems must map to a Business Intelligence system for statistical reporting. Your guests are the reason you are in business. When you provide service above your competition, you have given a reason for their return at a later date.

About Maintenance One and Strategic Planning

Maintenance One offers an annual strategic review of your business operations, the systems that are currently in place, as well as a discussion of new technologies that are under development that offer value to your growth. Our Associates have years of experience defining, implementing, and performing a complete transformation of IT systems. One of the largest benefit that Maintenance One offers is our CTO/CSO service. For hotels and motels that do not have a full-time Chief Technology Officer or Chief Security Officer, we offer a shared professional that will work with you performing those duties. In addition, our staff member is setup to work remote which means no costs will be incurred for office space or additional overhead from benefits or vacation/time-off. Our solutions deliver results without the high costs incurred with a full-time staff member.

Business Intelligence and Reporting

The goal of computers is to automate. Automation creates more with less time. As a business, you should be routinely reviewing your daily sales stats. Consider what is your average cost per stay, average revenue per stay, average number of days per stay, average number of reservations per day, number of canceled reservations, guest return ratio, guest satisfaction index, and more. If you calculate stats manually it would consume a staff member for a week or more. Consider that these stats should be calculated monthly. Business Intelligence software is designed to provide you with one click stats. Our team of professionals have the knowledge to design a BI system that will help you keep tabs on your operations.

STAR Support Services

Maintenance One Performance, Inc. offers a 24-hour help desk 7 days a week. This service is available to businesses to find a solution to a hardware, software, network, security, and disaster recovery issue that happens at any time. If you prefer, we can setup a private phone number for your employees to call which will be answered as your IT department. We will catalog your business systems and provide support for your specific needs. Our goal is to ensure your business systems are operational so that you can focus on your guests.