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Legal Industry

Information Technology for the Legal Industry

The legal industry is expected to grow to over 845 Billon dollars over the next few years, even while the current economy has slowed down. The introduction of new technologies has created new opportunities for Law Professionals to introduce into their firm. For those who have the directional charge of their firms, now is the time to begin strategic planning for the next few years; with that, Maintenance One offers Information Technology services that is supportive of law firms and other legal professionals. Our business provides help with creating a Strategic Plan, Technology Plan, as well as Disaster Recovery Plan.

About Maintenance One and Strategic Planning

Maintenance One offers an annual strategic review of your law firm, the systems that are currently in place, as well as a discussion of new technologies that are under development that offer value to your business. Our Associates have years of experience defining, implementing, and performing a complete transformation of IT systems. One of the largest benefit that Maintenance One offers is our CTO/CSO service. For Legal practices that do not have a full-time Chief Technology Officer or Chief Security Officer, we offer a shared professional that will work with your firm performing those duties. In addition, our staff member is setup to work remote which means no costs will be incurred for office space or additional overhead costs from benefits or vacation/time-off. Our solutions deliver results without the high costs incurred with a full-time staff member.

Collaboration and Document Services

The Legal profession generates documents ranging from client provided to firm generated, hired professionals, and from the courts. High amounts of organizational skills are in demand. With Maintenance One APEX Cloud, we provide a solution that turns paper documents into electronic documents. The service is available anywhere you have an Internet connection. APEX provides peace of mind since you and your staff have access to your documents anywhere. In addition, you have the ability to securely share documents with partnering firms, with clients, and with contract personnel/assigns that you designate.

STAR Support Services

Maintenance One Performance, Inc. offers a 24-hour help desk 7 days a week. This service is available to businesses to find a solution to a hardware, software, network, security, and disaster recovery issue that happens at any time. If you prefer, we can setup a private phone number for your employees to call which will be answered as your IT department. We will catalog your business systems and provide support for your specific needs. Our goal is to ensure your business systems are operational so that you can focus on your law practice.